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Prioritize understanding medical child support

When two parents work together to create reasonable parenting and support agreements that distribute duties and obligations fairly, they often find it easier to focus on fully meeting the needs of their child. When there is conflict throughout this process, it only serves to make it more difficult to focus on the needs of the child, and in some cases one parent or another may not fully understand the terms of these agreements, or may agree to a set of terms that is grossly unfair.

Avoid these mistakes with insurance companies after an accident

After a car accident, you must conduct your interactions with insurance companies very carefully. While insurance companies do offer a great service, they are also profit-driven businesses that will gladly avoid paying out more than it has to. Even if the insurance company represents you, it will look and listen for reasons to reduce compensation for your losses and suffering due to the accident.

What are your options in bankruptcy?

If you feel overwhelmed by debt, it may be time to consider a bankruptcy. The idea of filing for bankruptcy is finally getting out from under a long shadow of social stigma, and this shift in public opinion couldn't come at a better time for many Americans.

You don’t have to face insurance companies alone

After a car accident that caused you injuries, you might simply think it's best to let the insurance companies sort things out while you focus on your recovery. This is a partially valid stance — after all, insurance companies do handle thousands of claims daily or weekly.

Mediation helps to protect children in divorce

When you and your spouse decide it's time to move ahead with a divorce, it's not always easy to know how to protect your children from the emotional trauma of the family splitting up. Most of us know families that divorced with children or even experienced a divorce ourselves while we were growing up.

Going through mediation in a car accident injury case

It's Monday morning, and you are on your way to work when a car comes out of nowhere and careens towards you on the highway. It slammed into your vehicle, leaving you with no time to brace yourself for the impact. Now, you are left to suffer and deal with painful injuries and costly medical bills all because of the car accident that wasn't your fault.

Don’t lose your business in your divorce

When divorce comes knocking, you and your family might not be the only ones whose lives change drastically. For business owners, the prospect of divorce is even heavier than for other spouses, because the law generally considers a business to be marital property.

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