Why the waiting can be so painful when it comes to SSDI

Social Security Disability benefits are crucial to the workers and families who collect them. However, it can be an enormous challenge to secure these benefits, especially now that there is a backlog of roughly 1 million people waiting for a ruling on their application from the Social Security Administration.

A recent article in the Washington Post describes one man's struggles with trying to collect SSDI, and he notes that while many people have died waiting for the benefits they desperately need, others have lived and face incredible challenges as they wait for an answer on their applications.

Taking care of a family

To be eligible for SSDI, a person must be unable to work because of a disability. This means that a person applying for SSDI is generally without an income and without benefits. The longer a person has to wait for disability benefits, the harder it becomes to cover living expenses and take care of a family.

Getting medical help

If you don't have insurance and you don't have the money to cover out-of-pocket medical expenses, then your health can continue to deteriorate while you wait for benefits. You can also find yourself in increasingly bad pain if you cannot afford necessary medication.

Protecting your assets

The financial strain caused by excessive wait times for disability benefits can make it all but impossible to keep certain assets. You might need to sell your belongings to cover certain expenses or go without a car or childcare. You could even be at risk of having to move out of a home you cannot afford.

Act fast and avoid mistakes when applying for SSDI

Considering how long the wait can already be for these benefits, it is crucial that you take steps to avoid additional delays. Rather than waiting to see what happens or trying to navigate the application system on your own, you can be proactive and consult an attorney experienced in the SSDI process who can help you access the benefits for which you are eligible.

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