This job could be one of the most dangerous in the US

When you think about dangerous occupations, you might think about people who are construction workers, police officers and firefighters. These are undoubtedly dangerous occupations, but there are others that might surprise you.

For instance, did you know that nursing is one of the most violent occupations in the country? In fact, according to recent reports, the rate of violence in health care and social assistance jobs is as much as 12 times higher than the rate for workers overall.

There are a number of reasons why nurses and other workers in the health care field face such a high risk of violence and other injury-causing incidents.

Working with difficult patients

Patients who are scared, confused, intoxicated or suffering from a serious health condition put nurses in danger, as the nurses are typically the ones who may be in contact with them the most. Patient violence is a very real concern, and one report found that nurses are attacked more often than prison guards or police.

Strenuous work

Lifting patients, moving beds and other equipment, racing between rooms and working with needles and other dangerous instruments increases the risk of job-related injuries for nurses. It is not unusual for a nurse to suffer strained muscles, back pain, broken bones and fall-related injuries as a result of his or her job.

Long hours

Emotional and physical injuries can plague workers like nurses who have exceptionally long, strenuous shifts on the job. Many nurses suffer from fatigue, depression, anxiety and other seemingly invisible serious injuries. Over time, these conditions can become debilitating and cause or exacerbate other health problems.

Taking care of yourself, protecting your rights

If you work in the healthcare industry or similar occupations, you can be at an elevated risk of suffering a work-related injury. Knowing this should encourage workers and their employers to prioritize safety on the job.

Unfortunately, while there are numerous measures that attempt to minimize these risks, accidents and injuries still happen. When they do, it can be wise for injured workers and their families to discuss the options for workers' compensation with an experienced attorney.

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