Study suggests divorce could be genetic

Our genes determine everything from our eye color to certain personality traits. And today, there is more interest than ever in what our genes can tell us about ourselves, our behaviors and our health. 

One research team now believes that our genes can also predict our likelihood of divorce. They determined this after researching divorce patterns in people in Sweden who who were adopted and comparing divorce histories to the person's adoptive family and biological family.

Based on existing assumptions, researchers expected that a person's divorce history would resemble that of his or her adoptive family. This is because for years, people have believed that divorce runs in families if that is the lifestyle and situation to which children are exposed.

However, their findings showed that the people's divorce patterns actually followed in the steps of their biological parents and siblings. So, even though they were not raised around biological families, they were still influenced by their divorce histories and behavioral patterns.

These findings are interesting for a couple reasons. First, they introduce new information that could help people going through individual or marital counseling to understand certain traits or habits about themselves that might make them more likely to divorce. Second, they suggest that the environment in which a child is raised is less of an influence on the transmission of divorce between generations than biology. 

The idea that divorce could be genetic might give you a different perspective on the situation if you are currently considering or going through a divorce.

Research like this can shed some light on a very difficult situation, but understand that you are not just a number or a subject when it comes to divorce. You are a person with questions and concerns, and you have the right to secure fair solutions, whatever the reasons may be for your divorce.

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