4 things not to do on social media if you are getting divorced

If you are going through a divorce, then you may be very tempted to turn to social media for companionship, solidarity or simply an outlet to release your anger and frustration.

However, before you give in to this temptation, it is important to stop and think.

Social media use during divorce is a common source of contention, and spouses often use behaviors and statements from each other's social media activity as evidence in divorce-related disputes to fight for things like better custody or more spousal support. With this in mind, it is crucial to avoid these four social media mistakes during a divorce.

Harassing your ex

This can include making threats, stalking them or their family online or sharing private details you know will hurt them.

Accessing your ex's accounts without permission

Snooping or hacking into someone's account can backfire and ultimately hurt your case; you could even wind up facing criminal charges, so it is best to avoid unlawfully accessing your ex's accounts. You would also be wise to change your own passwords to prevent an ex from accessing your accounts without permission.

Posting incriminating pictures

Pictures of you and your friends out at a bar or pictures of a new car, for example, can say more than you think. As such, posting pictures of extravagant purchases or photos of yourself engaging in irresponsible behaviors is unwise, especially if you are battling over child custody or spousal support.

Interacting with negative parties

Even your social media connections can be scrutinized during a divorce. If you are a frequent visitor on gambling sites, if you "like" illegal or immoral content or if you have had an active profile on a dating site, then all this could be used against you in a divorce.

These and similar behaviors on social media could have a detrimental impact on your divorce, as explained in this Huffington Post article. To avoid painful, costly consequences of unwise social media use, it may be a good idea to refrain from using it or minimize your activity during a divorce.

If you have any questions or concerns about social media and how it might affect your divorce, it can be prudent to discuss the issue with an attorney.

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