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Elements of a medical malpractice claim

Any time the outcome of a surgery or other medical treatment is unfortunate, the patient and his or her family can feel frustrated, angry and looking for answers. In some cases, there is little doctors and hospitals can do or say to help you recover from the damages suffered.

Tips for staying safe on Pennsylvania roads this Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, and whether you take your kids out trick-or-treating or have an elaborate costume of your own, celebrating this holiday can be a lot of fun. However, this fun can become anything but if you or your loved one is injured in a serious car accident.

This job could be one of the most dangerous in the US

When you think about dangerous occupations, you might think about people who are construction workers, police officers and firefighters. These are undoubtedly dangerous occupations, but there are others that might surprise you.

Report: Hands-free technologies more distracting than you think

Every driver in Pennsylvania should know that driving while is distracted is dangerous. We have heard that distracted driving is the new drunk driving; states have passed various laws prohibiting texting or using a phone while driving; massive educational and marketing campaigns have been launched to encourage drivers not to drive while distracted.

Why the waiting can be so painful when it comes to SSDI

Social Security Disability benefits are crucial to the workers and families who collect them. However, it can be an enormous challenge to secure these benefits, especially now that there is a backlog of roughly 1 million people waiting for a ruling on their application from the Social Security Administration.

FDA alert provides critical guidance on pediatric anesthesia

When a child's health is compromised, parents will typically go to any length to ensure the child gets the help and medical attention he or she needs. In some cases, surgery is the only or best way to do this. In these situations, it is typically up to the doctor to discuss the procedure with parents and assess whether an operation is in the child's best interests.

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