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Reducing respiratory illnesses in the workplace

Studies have repeatedly found that effective respiratory equipment can help to protect workers in Pennsylvania and around the country from potentially dangerous airborne contaminants, but ensuring that employees actually wear the safety equipment available can be extremely challenging for employers. Workers often complain that breathing equipment is restrictive and uncomfortable, and fears about diseases that may not develop for years or decades if at all are frequently not enough to convince them to put up with discomfort at work.

How to safely use scissor lifts at the worksite

As with many types of equipment, scissor lifts can prove to be invaluable at some Pennsylvania workplaces, as long as they are used correctly. However, when not properly utilized, scissor lifts can also cause serious injuries. There are some ways that employers and their employees can deal with this type of industrial device.

Improving safety during trenching and excavation work

Digging trenches and excavating work sites are two of the most hazardous tasks for construction workers in Pennsylvania and in other parts of the country. Proper planning and strict adherence to safety protocols are crucial if accidents are to be prevented. Cave-ins are usually one of the chief concerns of construction crews performing trenching or excavation work, but flooding, toxic fume inhalation and oxygen depletion are also considerations when work is performed in close confinement.

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