New technology allows drivers to see around semi-trucks

Pennsylvania drivers may one day encounter "see-through" semi-trucks on the road, but some say the prototype recently tested by Samsung is unlikely to ever reach the United States. Because many accidents are caused by people trying to pass semi-trucks on narrow roads without a clear view of oncoming traffic, the prototype uses a wireless camera to send images of the road in front of the truck to screens mounted on the back of the truck. Ideally, this would allow drivers to assess the risk of passing, but the screens themselves could also prove to be distracting.

The prototype, which was developed in Argentina, is no longer in operation, but Samsung says it has more testing to do and is working with NGOs and the Argentine government. Argentina was chosen in part because of its high rate of traffic accidents and many two-lane highways.

However, the invention has additional hurdles to overcome. Drivers who are not aware of what it is may not know that what they are seeing on the screen is the road ahead of them. Furthermore, it is unclear whether such a vehicle would be legal on roads in the United States or anywhere else in the world. Finally, safer driving technologies such as self-driving cars may surpass what Samsung is able to develop.

Those who are injured in an accident involving a semi-truck may wish to consult an attorney. The accident may have been caused by the truck driver or by another driver. Victims may suffer catastrophic injuries that can take months to heal or may even be life-changing. In such an event, a personal injury attorney may be able to review available evidence that points to the negligence of the responsible driver and which can be used in an action filed on behalf of an injured victim seeking compensation.

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