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Causes of cargo tank rollovers

While the 1,300 or more cargo tank rollovers that occur each year might not seem like a big deal compared to other accident statistics, incidents involving large trucks are important as they can cause serious damage. Cargo tank rollovers are especially noteworthy because these commercial vehicles sometimes carry oil, gasoline and other hazardous materials, which means accidents involving cargo trucks in Pennsylvania and other states can harm people and the environment.

OSHA standards on falling

Pennsylvania workers have the right to expect a safe and well-regulated job place. OSHA has issued comprehensive rules regarding the dangers of workers falling in an industrial or construction setting. These rules sanction five classes of protection that must be present at all times and in all locations. The goal of the provisions is to prevent any worker from falling more than six feet without encountering some sort of safety mechanism that will arrest their descent.

New technology allows drivers to see around semi-trucks

Pennsylvania drivers may one day encounter "see-through" semi-trucks on the road, but some say the prototype recently tested by Samsung is unlikely to ever reach the United States. Because many accidents are caused by people trying to pass semi-trucks on narrow roads without a clear view of oncoming traffic, the prototype uses a wireless camera to send images of the road in front of the truck to screens mounted on the back of the truck. Ideally, this would allow drivers to assess the risk of passing, but the screens themselves could also prove to be distracting.

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