Commercial truck accidents increasing on Pennsylvania roadways

According to authorities, the prodigious growth of the fracking industry in recent years has had a negative effect on major highways in Pennsylvania, especially in rural areas. Large trucks carrying unidentified cargo to the drilling sites in several isolated Pennsylvania counties may imperil other motorists, emergency response crews and the surrounding environment, authorities suggest.

A large part of the issue stems from the limited regulations governing the fracking industry, purportedly. Another considerable factor is the pressure placed on truckers by the demands associated with a booming industry, as it can inspire drivers to travel through inclement conditions that they would otherwise avoid. According to statistics. the number of accidents involving large commercial and industrial trucks is already at its peak during periods of bad weather, including rain showers and snowstorms.

Truck accidents involving trucks heading to fracking sites may subject others on the roadway to vast quantities of industrial cargo allegedly lacking the same public identification that cargo for more regulated industries must bear. Authorities say this puts rescue workers in a difficult situation and may irreparably harm the immediate environment.

When large truck related to any industry collide with other motor vehicles, the resulting destruction is often immense and all-inclusive. In this way, people may suffer calamitous injuries, from broken bones to traumatic brain injuries. In cases where a personal injury lawyer can prove with a preponderance of evidence that actionable negligence on the part of a trucker or trucking company contributed to the cause of the crash, the high costs associated with victims' injuries may be compensated as a result of a civil lawsuit.

Source: Star Beacon, "Fracking’s biggest safety threat is on rural roads", John Finnerty, December 26, 2014

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