Workplace injuries in Pennsylvania and how to prevent them

There are a number of common causes of workplace injuries in Pennsylvania, and they often happen in spite of safety regulations and conscientious employers and employees. Such accidents can place workers at risk for serious injuries or death. Preventing them is a matter of employing caution as much caution as possible in the workplace.

Some of the most common causes of workplace injuries start with fatigue. When workers are pushed beyond their physical or mental limits because of a heavy workload, exhaustion can be the result. With this may come the possibility of slower reflexes, impaired judgment, lack of attention to details and delayed responses when in an emergency situation.

Repetitive motion is another very common workplace issue, commonly resulting in carpal tunnel syndrome. Employees of salons, data entry personnel, typists or computer operators most often suffer from this type of injury. It can be considerably painful to the hand, wrist and fingers, potentially affecting one's ability to maintain their level of work.

Excessive stress can also be a common workplace injury cause. When an employee is under extreme stress from health problems, financial issues or personal relationships, they may grow distracted. That distraction could lead to errors in judgment or an increase in the risk of suffering hypertension, stroke or heart attack.

Other common workplace injury causes include slipping, tripping or falling, as well as collisions, toppling objects, hazardous materials, heavy lifting and workplace violence. When a worker suffers a workplace injury or a family loses a loved one to a fatal work injury , they could be entitled to workers' compensation benefits. An experienced attorney could help with the task of handling the paperwork involved in filing for those benefits.

Source: The Houston Chronicle, "Top 10 Causes of Workplace Injuries", December 16, 2014

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