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This month, avoid these 4 types of impaired driving

Drivers typically do not get behind the wheel with the intention to hurt anyone. However, even without intent to harm anyone, people do dangerous things while driving every day. Sadly, too many people fail to recognize the problem with their unsafe actions until they get into a catastrophic accident.

This month, drivers across Pennsylvania and the U.S. are being reminded to avoid one especially dangerous driving behavior: impaired driving. December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, and this month, we urge drivers to be especially diligent in avoiding four types of impaired driving.

Changes coming to SSI benefit amounts in 2018

The Supplemental Security Income program provides crucial benefits to individuals who have little or no income and are blind, over 65 or disabled. This money allows them and their families to pay for basic living expenses like food, shelter and clothing, and every dollar counts.

With this in mind, it should come as good news to SSI recipients and applicants that the Social Security Administration recently announced that it will increase the monthly maximum for SSI benefits in 2018 by 2 percent to align with cost-of-living increases.

What to know if you are pursuing disability benefits

If you are unable to work and considering your options to apply for Social Security disability benefits, then you would be wise to learn about this complex process. Missteps and oversights can lead to costly delays, and navigating the Social Security system can be more complicated than you expect.

In this post, we will take a brief look at some of the basic elements you should understand if you are applying for disability benefits in Pennsylvania.

4 causes of car crashes at intersections

When people think about catastrophic car accidents, they often think of high-speed highway collisions. However, some of the most serious -- and common -- motor vehicle accidents happen at much lower speeds and at intersections. In fact, according to statistics from the Federal Highway Administration, over 20 percent of all traffic fatalities in the country happen at intersections.

Considering how common and problematic accidents at intersections can be, it is crucial for Pennsylvania motorists to be aware of how they happen and what they can do to avoid them. 

Study reveals health problems for work travelers

A recent article in The New York Times discussed findings that link business traveling to a range of troubling health problems. According to researchers and doctors, traveling exposes workers to many unsafe, unhealthy and undesirable environments that can lead to serious injuries and illnesses.

If you travel for work and suffer from health problems, you may be eligible for financial benefits through workers' compensation. However, there are at least a few things you should understand with regard to these benefits if you are a business traveler.

Do you understand the tax implications of child custody?

As you and your child's other parent negotiate a fair child custody arrangement, it is important that you account for the tax implications that child custody has for the parent who retains primary custody as well as the parent who does not.

While it is certainly not appropriate to base your decision to pursue child custody on how it may affect your term returns, you don't want any nasty surprises come tax season. Unfortunately, many parents allow their emotions to control their decision-making skills when it comes to this particular area.

Divorcing parents: What you should know about child custody laws

Divorce can be a very difficult and frightening process, particularly if you are a parent. In many cases, parents feel scared that they will lose their children and confused about what their parental responsibilities will look like in the future.

In an effort to alleviate some of the anxiety and confusion you may be feeling if you are a parent divorcing in Pennsylvania, we will examine a few basic elements of child custody laws as well as what they can mean for you.

Doctor who doesn't use a computer loses license

Would you visit a doctor who didn't have a cellphone? What about a doctor who didn't keep electronic medical records? Would you trust your health in the hands of someone who doesn't know how to use a computer?

Many people would happily see this type of doctor, especially if he or she has decades of experience and is a trusted member of the community. However, if this same doctor is also facing multiple complaints of problematic prescription methods and questionable medical decision-making, his or her ability to practice medicine should be called into question. That is the case for one 84-year-old doctor who says she was forced to give up her medical license.

Statistics reveal troubling realities about road safety in the US

When you think about road safety in the U.S., you might think that our roads are pretty safe. Roadways are generally in good condition; our vehicles have more safety features than ever; we have numerous laws that penalize unsafe driving. 

Unfortunately, the statistics paint a much grimmer picture. While the number of road fatalities has dropped in the U.S. since the 1990s, the decrease is much less than it has been in other countries. In fact, as a report in the New York Times states, we have the "most dangerous roads in the industrialized world." Below are a few reasons why.

Don't lose hope if your SSDI application is denied

It can be incredibly frustrating for a person suffering from a disabling condition to navigate the system for applying for Social Security disability benefits. Between all the paperwork that needs to be completed and the medical evidence that must be presented, there are many hoops a person needs to jump through in order to secure these benefits.

Because of all the work that goes into applying for SSDI, and because of how crucial these benefits are, it can be extremely disappointing to learn that the Social Security Administration has denied your application. Before you give up or lose hope, though, there are some important things to understand.

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