How To Approach An IME

Workers' compensation law allows your employer to have you examined by a medical provider of its choosing. This exam, called an IME (independent medical examination), is done ostensibly to detect fraud — but it is often used to downgrade your claim, to say your injury is not as serious as thought, to reduce your payment.

If your injury is legitimate and you really need the current level of care you are receiving, an IME can seem threatening.

How To Handle Your Independent Medical Exam

Our suggestion to you is: Don't try to duck out on the IME. If you skip the examination, you can be sure your benefits and medical payments will come to a halt.

Don't freak out about it, either. The exam will be strictly between you and the doctor — no observers from the insurance company or your employer are allowed. If you like, you may bring a friend or your spouse with you.

Don't dramatize your injuries, like limping in an enhanced way. Describe your current symptoms. It's a good idea to always have a drug list with you, including whatever therapies or medicines your own doctor has prescribed for you.

If you bring a friend or partner with you, ask him or her to take notes on what the doctor tells you and what your responses are. This information may come in handy later.

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