Has Your Claim Been Denied?

You know your injury is legitimate. Your doctor agrees. The claim you filed was honest and complete. So why was your claim turned down?

Claim denials cause injured workers to lose confidence in the system. It helps to remember that administrative boards cannot just wave every claimant in. They are trying to set some limits on the many applications that come their way. For whatever reason, you just ended up in the wrong group.

Claim Denial Is Not The End

Our advice to you: Don't take it personally. They are not accusing you of being a faker. They likely saw a fact in your claim or the omission of information that amounted to a red flag, making them want to hear more before approving the claim.

Many initial claims are turned down. Indeed, many are turned down multiple times. Breaking through the bureaucracy requires persistence and a tough hide. Workers' comp is saying to you: Make a better case for yourself. That's what you have to do.

Many applicants challenge the denial on their own. This works for some people, but for others, working with an experienced lawyer is a big advantage.

Casale & Bonner, P.C., can challenge the denial on your behalf. Our approach is to carefully examine medical records to learn if elements need additional explanation.

In the end, you may need to go to trial to obtain the benefits you observe. We have been there for thousands of clients before you, and we can win for you, too.

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