Walking Or Biking, And You Are Struck By A Car — What Can You Do?

Human beings are no match for motor vehicles. Every year, scores of Lycoming County residents are hit by cars, run over by cars, impelled into other objects and even killed — on the roads and streets we all must use.

There is recourse for these injuries. You can file a claim for compensation. The lawyers at Casale & Bonner, P.C., of Williamsport, can show you how.

Pedestrian accidents take several forms. One of the most common is being hit as you are in the crosswalk, crossing completely legally. Some drivers have just not gotten it into their heads that the crosswalk is yours, and they are obliged to stop for you.

Very often, victims of pedestrian accidents are the people least able to negotiate traffic: seniors, disabled people, bicyclists and young children.

Sometimes the perpetrators are drunk, in addition to being careless. Sometimes they are too busy changing stations or eating a sandwich to pay proper attention to the safety of others. In such cases, we may ask to seek punitive damages, to call attention to and to discourage unacceptable behavior behind the wheel.

We are especially alert to insurance company lawyers who argue that a child "darted into traffic." In most cases, this is not true, but it is how insurance company lawyers try to shift the blame back onto the victim.

Were you injured because a driver was texting or using a cellphone? Learn more.

What About Bike Accident Injuries?

Besides filing a claim against the negligent driver of a car or truck, there are several courses of action an injured cyclist or the cyclist's family — or the cyclist's surviving loved ones — may consider:

  • If your bicycle failed in some way, you may have a defective product case against manufacturers or sellers of bicycles, bike parts and accessories.
  • You may have a case against the repair shop that sent you out on the road on a dangerous bike.
  • You may have a case against a property owner if the property is unsafe in some way and you were on the property legitimately.
  • Or you may have cause to sue the city, county or state that allowed the road to be a source of danger.

One of the most common bicycle accidents involves drivers opening a car door just as the bicyclist passes. We can help you obtain compensation to pay for your injury expenses, lost work, and pain and suffering.

To discuss your accident and what level of compensation you are entitled to, call the personal injury attorneys at Casale & Bonner, P.C., of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, for a free case evaluation at 570-326-7044.