What Constitutes A Successful Divorce?

While many divorces are uncontested — that is, both parties agree that they want out of the marriage — the other decisions that must be made are often subjects of great contention. For instance, division of the marital estate is frequently contested all the way up to the equitable distribution hearing before the judge.

At the Pennsylvania law firm of Casale & Bonner, P.C., our Williamsport divorce lawyers work hard to resolve divorce-related disputes short of litigation. We are always open to four-way meetings where both parties and their lawyers sit down together and try to come to a resolution.

In property division disputes, we can go over an itemized list of marital assets and debts and often negotiate a property settlement agreement on the spot. Once both parties agree to the arrangement, the case is virtually over except for processing time.

The Drawbacks Of Do-It-Yourself Divorce

Although we recognize that some people will attempt to complete their divorces through the mail or online, such an approach can be counterproductive. A quick, do-it-yourself divorce is not all-inclusive and can ultimately be much more expensive than to have a local firm handle it from the beginning.

A do-it-yourself paperwork packet will grant you a divorce, but that is all it will grant. It will not address issues of:

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Answers To Common Questions About Divorce