Defense Against Drug Charges And Other Common Charges Made Against Young People

Young people are often targeted for arrest on charges of possessing drugs or drug paraphernalia or related crimes. What seemed like innocent fun suddenly threatens your status in school, your driving privileges and your dreams for the future.

Casale & Bonner, P.C., of Williamsport will defend anyone, of any age, against drug or other criminal charges. But we have a special commitment to preventing a drug bust from ruining young people's lives.

Our lawyers defend against these and other charges associated with young people:

Possession of marijuana, meth, cocaine or LSD

Possession with intent to sell

Drug paraphernalia

Possession in a school zone

Illegal prescription drug use

Sex offenses, including sex with a minor

Shoplifting/petty theft



DUI/alcohol charges

Our goal at all times is to preserve your future. We are skilled in every aspect of police process and search law. If your rights were violated in the arrest process, we can use that to have the charges against you dismissed or greatly reduced. We will do everything under the law to keep you out of jail.

If you or a family member has been arrested on suspicion of drug crimes or for any offense, it is important to act quickly to establish a defense. Do not delay — call the criminal defense attorneys at Casale & Bonner, P.C., in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, today at 570-326-7044.