Officials Struggling To Address Issue Of Fatigue In Truck Drivers

Several different approaches are being tested in an effort to remove fatigued truck drivers from the nation's roadways.

There has been a lot of discussion focused on the federal hours-of-service (HOS) rules in place for truck drivers. These rules regulate the amount of time that truck drivers are allowed operate their vehicles during a given week. These limits require drivers to have two rest periods from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. to restart their driving weeks. The industry has made several challenges to these laws, contending that they are making it difficult for drivers to deliver items in a timely manner.

Recent legislation has been proposed that would suspend these HOS rules, as some believe that there are more trucks on the road during peak driving times than before the regulations were passed. They feel that this could potentially also lead to serious trucking accidents across the country.

Officials are considering taking other steps that would help control the number of fatigued truck drivers out on area roadways. Some states, such as Pennsylvania, are conducting pilot programs to help increase driver awareness concerning fatigue. Truck drivers are informed about upcoming rest areas, and told if there is space available for them at these facilities.

Another possible method of removing fatigued truckers concerns the use of electronic logbooks. Paper books are easy to manipulate, and drivers can sometimes hide the hours they have spent behind the wheel. Electronic records are much more difficult to doctor, and they are much easier to examine in the event that an accident occurs. If drivers exceed the amount of time that they may drive, they could be facing safety violations that order them and their employers out of service.

The aftermath of trucking accidents often leaves victims with severe injuries, leading to very extensive recovery times. If you have been injured due to the negligence of a truck driver, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your claims for compensation against the responsible parties.

Your attorney will provide you with crucial advice throughout the entire process, helping you gain a complete understanding of all of the possible options available to you. You may have a host of medical issues that keep you out of work while you are recovering, and you need to know all of the potential damages that you may be able to receive from those responsible for causing your injuries.

From the moment the accident happens, you will probably receive offers to settle your claims. Insurance companies want you to release them from liability for as little money as possible, so it will be necessary to examine these offers carefully before making any decisions. These companies are not looking out for your long-term health, and you need to be sure that you have someone on your side at this time.

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