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What are 'Compassionate Allowances'?

If you suffer from a serious illness or injury that prevents you from working, the last thing you probably want to do is navigate a complicated legal system to access disability benefits you know you deserve.

While hundreds of thousands of people are stuck waiting for decisions on Social Security disability benefits, it can be critical to understand if you are eligible for expedited decisions and benefits through the Compassionate Allowances program, or CAL.

4 things not to do on social media if you are getting divorced

If you are going through a divorce, then you may be very tempted to turn to social media for companionship, solidarity or simply an outlet to release your anger and frustration.

However, before you give in to this temptation, it is important to stop and think.

This job could be one of the most dangerous in the US

When you think about dangerous occupations, you might think about people who are construction workers, police officers and firefighters. These are undoubtedly dangerous occupations, but there are others that might surprise you.

For instance, did you know that nursing is one of the most violent occupations in the country? In fact, according to recent reports, the rate of violence in health care and social assistance jobs is as much as 12 times higher than the rate for workers overall.

Report: Hands-free technologies more distracting than you think

Every driver in Pennsylvania should know that driving while is distracted is dangerous. We have heard that distracted driving is the new drunk driving; states have passed various laws prohibiting texting or using a phone while driving; massive educational and marketing campaigns have been launched to encourage drivers not to drive while distracted.

Carmakers are taking steps to address distracted driving as well. Just take a look at any new car and you'll see all sorts of options that aim to keep drivers safe from distraction. However, according to recent reports, these efforts could actually be doing more harm than good.

Study suggests divorce could be genetic

Our genes determine everything from our eye color to certain personality traits. And today, there is more interest than ever in what our genes can tell us about ourselves, our behaviors and our health. 

One research team now believes that our genes can also predict our likelihood of divorce. They determined this after researching divorce patterns in people in Sweden who who were adopted and comparing divorce histories to the person's adoptive family and biological family.

Why the waiting can be so painful when it comes to SSDI

Social Security Disability benefits are crucial to the workers and families who collect them. However, it can be an enormous challenge to secure these benefits, especially now that there is a backlog of roughly 1 million people waiting for a ruling on their application from the Social Security Administration.

A recent article in the Washington Post describes one man's struggles with trying to collect SSDI, and he notes that while many people have died waiting for the benefits they desperately need, others have lived and face incredible challenges as they wait for an answer on their applications.

FDA alert provides critical guidance on pediatric anesthesia

When a child's health is compromised, parents will typically go to any length to ensure the child gets the help and medical attention he or she needs. In some cases, surgery is the only or best way to do this. In these situations, it is typically up to the doctor to discuss the procedure with parents and assess whether an operation is in the child's best interests.

For instance, if an operation would unnecessarily expose a young child to the potential risks of anesthesia, then the Food and Drug Administration advises health professionals to seek alternatives.

Avoid these mistakes with insurance companies after an accident

After a car accident, you must conduct your interactions with insurance companies very carefully. While insurance companies do offer a great service, they are also profit-driven businesses that will gladly avoid paying out more than it has to. Even if the insurance company represents you, it will look and listen for reasons to reduce compensation for your losses and suffering due to the accident.

If you want to protect your rights and compensation potential after an accident, you can follow these guidelines. It is also helpful to have the representation of an attorney. An attorney who has experience dealing with insurance companies understands how to navigate their system and keep you from receiving much less than you deserve in a settlement.

What are your options in bankruptcy?

If you feel overwhelmed by debt, it may be time to consider a bankruptcy. The idea of filing for bankruptcy is finally getting out from under a long shadow of social stigma, and this shift in public opinion couldn't come at a better time for many Americans.

Bankruptcy is not a way to cheat those to whom you owe money, it is a legally protected right that the government retains. Through the power of the courts, you may be able to reduce your debt to a more manageable figure, or possibly discharge all of it for pennies on the dollar.

You don’t have to face insurance companies alone

After a car accident that caused you injuries, you might simply think it's best to let the insurance companies sort things out while you focus on your recovery. This is a partially valid stance — after all, insurance companies do handle thousands of claims daily or weekly.

However, depending on the severity of the injury and circumstances surrounding your injury accident, it is wise to bring in additional guidance to make sure that you truly receive the best service and benefits that you can get.

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